A few years ago, Etsy started showing products from other shops on our own listings. It went over about as well as you can imagine, but they’ve stuck with it and Etsy shop owners have learned to live with it.

Here’s how they look today:

(That is a very eye-catching background behind those other listings, Etsy!!)

NOTE: I’ve blurred visible listing photos throughout this article, that are copyright to other Etsy shop owners.

There is a solution!

By making a small change to the links you share, you can send visitors to product listings that focus on YOUR product, not other Etsy shops.

Here’s my same listing with this modification:

Before continuing, you should understand how and when this works before deciding if it’s the solution you need:

This is for links you control

This solution works when you have control over the link someone clicks to get to your listing, such as your own social media posts, Pinterest pins, ads or blog articles.

There is no way to remove related listings when a visitor arrives from within Etsy, via a Google search, or any other link that you do not control. Remember that these sources are still likely to send the most traffic to your shop.

This will remove your own related listings, too

See in the examples below how the “More from this shop” section is also removed. If your customers often buy multiple items, you might want to keep this feature!

How to hide related listings from other shops on Etsy

1. Open the listing you want to share

Open the public view of the listing you want to share and take a look at the URL at the top of your browser. On my example listing, it looks like this:


If you’ve read how to fix your Etsy traffic sources, you’ll know how to read this URL. If not, let’s break it down:

The partWhat it meansMandatory?
https://www.etsy.com/Easy – this tells us we’re on Etsy’s website!Yes
/au/This is a country code that Etsy includes when visitors outside of the United States navigate around. Because I’m in Australia, it’s “au“.No. You don’t know where your visitors will come from. They can select their location, language and currency on Etsy themselves.
/listing/What type of page we’re looking at. In this case, it’s a Listing.Yes
/587471870/The ID of this particular listing. Etsy uses this number to keep track of the same listing as you change its title or when different listings use the same title.Yes
/google-analytics-for-etsy-sellers-ebookA human readable part based on the title of the listing.No. Etsy will insert this automatically if you leave it out of a link. (Try this: https://www.etsy.com/listing/587471870/)
However, there is no benefit to leaving it out and it’s a good idea to make your links easier to read.
?ref=listings_manager_gridEtsy’s internal “reference” code that tells it where you clicked this link. In this case, I opened my listing from inside the Shop Manager “Listings” page: the “listings manager grid”.No. In fact, you should generally REMOVE this part of the URL before sharing any links and replace it with custom campaign tags.

2. Prepare your shareable link

At it’s most basic, your shareable Etsy link should include the Etsy domain, the fact that it’s a listing, the listing ID and the human readable title. Mine looks like this:


Visit your link to test that your listing still opens correctly.

3. Add an extra word to hide those related listings!

The trick is to add an extra, short word between etsy.com/ and /listing. It must be four (4) characters or longer, and contain no spaces. Numbers are ok.

Many people like to use their shop name here, to “brand” their links, but it does not have to be your shop name! It can be any word with at least 4 characters. This makes things easier for bloggers and Instagrammers who regularly have to link to other people’s Etsy listings!

Here are some links that would work for my listing:


Bonus: Include a country code

If, for whatever reason, you do want to include a country code in your shareable links – you can. Here is an example:


4. Share your link

Before pasting this link into Pinterest or your Linktree, add Campaign Tags! These are important extra bits that let you have total control over the traffic sources that appear in Google Analytics when someone clicks your link.

UTM Campaign tags: marketing pixie dust that you control!

If you’ve hung around here for a while, you’ll have heard a little about UTM Campaign Tags. They are the magic ingredient for making sure that visits from Instagram, Pinterest and anywhere else show up in your Google Analytics reports correctly. Why doesn’t this happen right in the first place?? To know where a visitor came from,…

Read the article

Save time: use my free Chrome Extension

Manually fiddling with links is always time consuming! Most of the time, we just don’t do the thing instead.

Now, you don’t have to!

I have created my own free browser extension for Chrome that will do everything in this article for you – automatically. You can also use it to add Campaign Tags, or just copy the link into your campaign tag tool or spreadsheet of choice.

Before and after…

More examples of this technique in action!

Visit this listing by MKLCreationsGoods on Etsy.
Related listings are not removed because I don’t control how they want their listings viewed!
Visit this listing by voolyvooly on Etsy.
Related listings are not removed because I don’t control how they want their listings viewed!

Comments (2)

Hello! Stumbled upon this cool find while searching how to get rid of other Etsy listings when people click my link. It does a fantastic job, so many thanks to you for sharing this gem. The only 2 things it does NOT hide is “Related Searches” that fall directly below the listing and “Browse collections hand-picked by Etsy shoppers” that is at the very bottom of the page.

I’m guessing there is no way to get rid of those? At least they are not at the top of the page it was before I tried this little trick.

Not that I’m aware of, sorry Karen! I think we’re lucky Etsy hasn’t closed this little loophole yet, either.

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