Connect Google Analytics 4 (GA4) to your ecommerce platform

If your ecommerce platform supports Google Analytics 4, you should connect it as soon as possible to maximise the year-on-year comparisons you’ll have in your reports from July 2023 (when Universal Analytics stops tracking.) Install GA4 to the level it’s currently available, even if it doesn’t track as much as UA does right now!

Do not remove Universal Analytics from your shop. Track with both tools until UA is fully deactivated. You’ll see this referred to as “dual-tagging”.

Keep reading to find instructions for your ecommerce platform (or leave a comment if yours isn’t yet covered).

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Getting started: Set up Google Analytics for your Etsy shop

If you’re ready to harness the power of numbers to optimize your Etsy shop but haven’t installed Google Analytics yet, don’t wait any longer!

Here are my instructions for connecting Google Analytics the right way, with up-to-date steps and screenshots.

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