When you’re trying to answer a specific question, the default report often doesn’t cut it. You’re looking for something in particular.

Here are two ways to make the built-in reports tell you more.

Do It: Advanced Search

Searching is a vital tool to turn a standard report into something useful to you.

Looking for that specific campaign or product? Want to find all keywords related to gifts and occasions? Need to exclude rows with just a handful of sessions, so you can easily ignore “outliers”?

Search is the tool for that! Most reports have a search box at the top-right.

Basic search

Search within the Primary Dimension by just typing into the search field.

Hit “Enter” or the magnifying glass button to update the report.

Advanced search

Search within any of the fields (Dimensions and Metrics) in the report, or even exclude certain results.

Do It: Add another dimension

A Secondary Dimension segments each row in the report by another bit of data.

For example, you might want to split all your Campaigns by Medium so you can quickly tell the difference between visits from your campaigns emails and social ads.

Or you might want to see what combination of Etsy Keywords and Landing Page (Content Groups) are sending you the most traffic.