Already have Google Analytics installed? I suggest double-checking the instructions for your ecommerce platform, to make sure every single setting is correct.

It’s easy to find instructions for setting up Google Analytics. But not so easy to be sure you’re following the right instructions for your exact ecommerce platform or marketplace venue!

Find your venue or platform & get set up

IMPORTANT: The instructions at these links may have been updated to include instructions for GA4 but many still direct you to use UA for now. Learn more about GA4 if any of these are confusing.



I’ve carefully written these instructions myself, so you don’t miss a thing!


Ecommerce platforms


Follow these instructions through to enable Enhanced Ecommerce tracking.


Follow these instructions right to the bottom. Make sure to install the Ecommerce tracking code if you have a dedicated SSL certificate (which I recommend!)


After setting up your Google Analytics account, make sure to enable Ecommerce tracking (not “Enhanced Ecommerce”). The Squarespace article doesn’t mention this!


Paid plans only


Don’t see yours here?

Check your platform’s seller Help docs or contact their support to make sure they let you use Google Analytics and to find their instructions. Some popular marketplaces (like Ebay and Amazon) don’t let you install Google Analytics.

Remember: If you have the option, try to install both Universal Analytics and GA4 together for now! Learn more about dual-tagging for a variety of ecommerce platforms.