One of the biggest things that shop owners worry about is whether or not their listings are “good enough”.

Are your photos bright and clear?
Do your descriptions grab the reader?
Are your titles enticing?

So the first thing you might want to do in Google Analytics is see how your listings perform. You might decide to do this by comparing listings and seeing what the best & worst performers have in common.

That’s a pretty great idea! But there’s a problem.

Every one of your listings can be viewed by a multitude of different URLs or web addresses. And each of these different unique URLs gets recorded and listed by Google Analytics as a totally separate page. It doesn’t know that they all point to the same page with the same content!

So how do you group them to analyse your listings effectively? You Content Group them!

Do It: Group your listing URLs so they’re easy to read

Using a technique called “Content Groupings”, you need to tell Google Analytics how to tell when different URLs all point to the same listing. It’s easy.

Set up Content Groupings for Etsy listings right now and you’ll be able to start comparing listings the way you’ve always wanted to!

Compare your Etsy listings easily with Content Groupings