You already spend enough time and money marketing your shop. Figuring out if it’s working shouldn’t cost another limb.

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20 sales or 2000…

Etsy, Shopify or Big Cartel…

No marketing plan or a dedicated budget…

All that matters is that you make what you love and you care about your business. You want it to grow, be sustainable or pay your bills.

You can’t afford to waste time and money on ads or promotions that don’t work.
So you install Google Analytics.

You can’t afford expensive consultations.
So you DIY everything.

But let’s get real: you need more than just another short course, blog post or ebook that you’ll forget about next week.

You’re learning to analyse and optimise your business – and that takes practice.

Learn, optimise and grow – every month.

Team up with me. Empower yourself.

  • Build a one-on-one relationship with me (this is no faceless ecourse)
  • Set super-measurable goals for your business and shop
  • Learn to use a range of tools to collect & interpret business data (Google Analytics, Etsy Rank, your account software, your ecommerce platform, spreadsheets etc.)
  • Track your marketing campaigns reliably
  • Practice interpreting data and avoiding traps & fallacies
  • Make changes that are testable and can be optimised over time
  • Network with other makers, who use all sorts of platforms

How does the program work?

  • Start with a one-on-one consultation so I can get to know your business and choose the best learning pathway for your shop!
  • Something new every month: articles, videos, tests, screencasts, tools and printables
  • Three one-on-one consultations a year (worth the membership price alone!)
  • A variety of learning pathways, for your shop size, goals and ecommerce platform
  • Practical worksheets to put everything into practice right away
  • Reminders and check-ins to keep your momentum
  • Only $35 USD per month

Early Birds get the bonuses!

  • Free first month (1hr consultation) with no obligation to continue.
  • Lock in a discounted $30 USD per month for a whole year.
  • Have direct input into what you learn.
  • A one-on-one feedback session with me, each month.
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Genevieve Designs

Interchangeable wreaths, bows & initials

“I had been working in Google Analytics for years but I had no idea what I was looking at or how to interpret the information. I was also tired of not really knowing if my marketing was working and if I was using the correct keywords.

Working with Lesley felt like working with a friend. I learned so much! She definitely has an advantage in running her own Etsy shop so she understands what we are going through. She’s incredibly talented in taking a very complicated technical topic and breaking it down into layman terms for those of us who have zero experience in digital data analysis.

I highly recommend Lesley to any Etsy shop owner who wants to concentrate on designing instead of guessing who they are marketing to and wasting money on fruitless advertising.”

~ Genevieve

Join a community of data-loving makers

I think it’s incredibly important that this program is built on relationships.
Between you and me.
Between you and the other sellers joining you.

I come from a client service background and I can’t give it up! I can give you the best experience when I understand your business. And I can’t do that for a thousand people.

That’s why I’m capping this program at 130 members.

I’d love to have you on board, so claim your spot!

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