The Artisan Analytics PRO membership gives you instant access to all my premium guides and worksheets, designed to help you go beyond just reading reports. Instead, you’ll be making decisions, taking action and measuring your results.

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What’s included

How to Analyze Anything!

What’s the point of all these numbers if they don’t help you make decisions?? There’s a framework for that!

Includes a 5-step process, printable worksheets and a guide to observing, hypothesizing and testing.

Campaign Tag Mastery

Harness that marketing magic by learning how to use campaign tags in your marketing effectively and systematically. Control your traffic labels!

Includes detailed, actionable guidelines and advice beyond my free blog article. Plus specific tag recommendations and templates, including an exclusive spreadsheet tool.

Data-Driven Customer Personas

Don’t just make up your ideal customer. Combine qualitative and quantitative data to build a real picture of your customer’s buying process, values and preferences.

Includes the four parts of a persona, three ways to do customer research, two ways to use your Analytics data, and a 10+ page persona worksheet.

How does it work

All of my analytics resources are accessed through your account here at Artisan Analytics.

  • No messing around with PDF files
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  • Unlimited access and automatic updates
  • One single login and My Resources page

Your investment

Artisan Analytics PRO membership is a one-off payment.

It’s an investment to learn, analyze and optimize your handmade online shop now – and in the future.