Time to observe, take action, learn & grow!

Whether it’s your marketing performance inside Google Analytics or your ecommerce shop’s finances: measuring stuff is easy. 

The hard part is taking action! What’s the point of all these numbers if they don’t help you make decisions??

That’s why this framework exists. 

Use it with any data, from any system, to answer any question, and make any decision. 

It won’t magically find insights for you. In fact, the framework is designed to give you flexibility in how you sift and sort your data to pick out observations in the first place. 

Instead, it guides you through the Observation and Investigation steps to go from “Hey, that’s interesting…” to “Let’s check if that worked!

Here’s what you’ll do:

  • Record the right stuff about your observations, so you can find them later, remember important numbers, and recognize if they’re significant.
  • Identify real problems and opportunities, and avoid time-wasting data sinkholes.
  • Hypothesize about what’s going on and figure out how to test if you’re right (or wrong).
  • Record the results of your investigations, tests and changes so you can see your progress.

What’s in this guide:

  1. 5-step process to Analyze Anything
  2. Printable & Spreadsheet worksheets – your choice for your working style!
  3. Guides to effective observation & hypothesizing

Are you ready to use your data consistently and effectively?

This guide is ideal for you, if:

  • You’re committed to growing your shop, even if it’s small right now.
  • You’re getting over 1,000 visits a month and want to improve, but are drowning in the numbers.
  • You’re making changes to your shop but aren’t paying attention to whether they’re working.

If you’re ready for a consistent but flexible structure for analyzing your shop data, then this premium guide and worksheet is for you.

(And if you think something could be clearer or more detailed, just tell me! You’ll have continual access to all my updates and improvements.)

Included in Artisan Analytics PRO:

Analyze Anything! Framework + Worksheet

What’s included:

  • Unlimited Access to the Analyze Anything! framework, guide and worksheet, including future updates.
  • A login to the Artisan Analytics website to access your resource at any time.
  • Automatic access to my free course: Google Analytics for Makers.
  • Occasional email updates on new blog articles, resources and offers. (Unsubscribe anytime.)

Plus, everything else that comes with Artisan Analytics PRO for $70.00 USD!

What else do you get?