I’ve learned that nothing beats a simple conversation.

Over the years, I’ve worked with lots (and I mean lots) of clients. I’ve helped them uncover and communicate their business needs. I’ve taught them how to manage their website content. And yep – I’ve built custom reporting systems and trained them how to use it.

My biggest lesson has been the power of a simple conversation.

Not an email. Not one-size-fits-all documentation. But a live back-and-forth discussion.

It’s my go-to tool to replace confusion and misunderstanding with clarity and confidence.

That’s why I offer one-on-one services to complement my articles and resources. And you don’t need to spend a thousand dollars on a full-blown consultation to get the benefits of some personalized advice!

One-on-one services for ecommerce digital analytics

These simple offerings are designed to give you only what you need and nothing more. I know that creative entrepreneurs have to watch the bottom line like a hawk, so these let you get maximum value from minimum spend.

At the same time, they reflect the value of my many years’ experience and the advice that I can give in a short consultation. A simple conversation with me can completely change how you approach digital analytics for your shop!

You’re always welcome to contact me directly to discuss your individual needs: lesley@artisananalytics.com.au

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Quick Consults

1 hour – $240 (USD)

Stop struggling to figure out how to apply your new knowledge to your shop: just ask the question. In our conversation, we’ll talk about the goals, numbers and insights that matter most to your shop, so you can leave facing in the right direction.

Setup for you: Google Analytics for Etsy

$540 (USD)

Whether you’re already using Google Analytics or need to start from scratch, let me get you set up and fine tune your account into an Etsy-tracking machine! Save hours of your time and benefit from an expert once-over on your account.

Includes a one-on-one consult or guided tour of Google Analytics!