Eager to take the success of your Etsy store to the next level, but need some better numbers to back up your decisions? Better call in an expert.

Whether you need an extra pair of hands, a quick check through your account or a complete analysis consultation – I can help!

  • Have your account completely set up with anything I’ve written about, and more.
  • See where your visitors are really coming from.
  • Keep track of your most important numbers with customised dashboards and reports.
  • Get a professional set of insights and recommendations for your shop.
  • Understand Google Analytics terminology and how to interpret reports.
  • Gain confidence in how to use Google Analytics to make business decisions for your Etsy shop.


Genevieve Designs

Interchangeable wreaths, bows & initials

“I had been working in Google Analytics for years but I had no idea what I was looking at or how to interpret the information. I was also tired of not really knowing if my marketing was working and if I was using the correct keywords.

Working with Lesley felt like working with a friend. I learned so much! She definitely has an advantage in running her own Etsy shop so she understands what we are going through. She’s incredibly talented in taking a very complicated technical topic and breaking it down into layman terms for those of us who have zero experience in digital data analysis.

I highly recommend Lesley to any Etsy shop owner who wants to concentrate on designing instead of guessing who they are marketing to and wasting money on fruitless advertising.”

~ Genevieve

Full Consultation – Expert insight & recommendations for your shop

$490 USD

Best for larger and up & coming Etsy stores.

Do you have regular sales and some successful marketing activities, but are ready to analyse these to start heading for the big time?

Or do you already work full-time selling from Etsy, but don’t know which of your marketing works best or how your visitors behave in your store?

This is for you!

You get…

  • Two live chats with me – ask all the questions!
  • Account check up – get everything in order.
  • Professional insights & recommendations, just for your shop.
  • Customised reports & segments – watch the numbers that are important to you.
  • The techniques & confidence to keep running a data smart Etsy shop!

Get set up

If you’re not best friends with technology or are super busy, let me set it all up for you.

Choose from my four packages, or request a quote for only completing what you need (nothing more). Alternatively, you set a budget & priorities and I’ll tell you what we can achieve.

It can be as simple as checking your work, right through to implementing everything for you!

Get your account in order

Monthly Quick Consult

Just $80 a month to keep a digital analytics expert on the books.

Let’s stick together!

A monthly Quick Consult call lets you get my insight and thoughts every month, so you can stay on the right track & keep improving your skills while analysing your shop.

Choose an email-based or live session on a regular date that suits you. Just send me a report or questions to look into, and you’ll get expert advice, every month!