Make Google Analytics & Etsy play nice together

Whether you’re already using Google Analytics or need to start from scratch, let me get you set up and fine tune your account into an Etsy-tracking machine!

If you’ve already read my articles, you know this is possible. You also know it’s not a walk in the park. There are multiple steps, lots to copy-and-paste, and it takes time. Time you do not have. Effort you can spend elsewhere.

Save your energy & creativity for your shop. I can set up Google Analytics for you.

This is a do-it-for-you package to suit Etsy shop owners anywhere in their Google Analytics journey.

It’s right for you if:

  1. You’re already making sales, or you have previous experience to be confident you’ll grow your shop.
  2. You’re starting to seriously market your shop and will be spending money on advertising or suppliers (like designers or agencies).
  3. You’ve committed to running your Etsy shop like a business.
  4. You’re ready to invest to save hours of your time, get more accurate data and access guides to use it.

Here’s what you get:

  1. Brand new Google Analytics Account OR fine tune your existing one
  2. Best practice settings and Etsy-only configurations
  3. Personalized Google Analytics quick reference handbook
  4. One-on-one Training and Q&A call
  5. HUGE discounts on my Google Analytics for Etsy ebook and Artisan Analytics PRO

Why not DIY?

What’s included?How much time could you save?
A brand new Google Analytics Account (with full admin access)
A professional check up on your existing Account.
15 – 30 minutes
Industry best practice settings & NO referral spam! 30 – 60 minutes
Real traffic sources (to your shop, not just to 2 – 3 hours
Start measuring demographics, visitor engagement & individual listing performance. 1 – 2 hours
Piece of mind that Google Analytics is setup correctly, with an expert’s eyes over your data and a personalized Quick Reference handbook just for your account. Priceless!

How it works

After you purchase this setup package, you’ll get instant access to:

  1. A quick refresher course on how Google Analytics Accounts are set up.
  2. What information to send me to get started and a link to your “Getting Started” survey.
  3. A summary of every step of the program, from day one to your final report.
  4. A link to book your Training and Q&A call (included)

How long does it take?

I have a 1 – 2 week turn around time on completing your account set up and configuration, plus preparing your customised final report.

But you’ll normally hear from me within one business day to confirm your purchase, answer any questions and help you provide the information for me to get started.

You can book your one-on-one call when your final report is ready (recommended), straight away (if you have something urgent to ask) or any time within three months after purchasing the package.

Your investment

Most Etsy sellers choose to DIY, not just because you’re a crafty bunch but also because you often run your shops on a shoe-string budget. I get it. This done-for-you setup is not for every shop or every budget.

If your shop is growing fast or giving you regular, reliable income and you’re ready to invest in outsourcing and business improvements, this is the kind of package for you.

So why not hire someone cheap on Upwork and hand them a link to my blog? All the instructions are there.

Well actually, that’s not a bad idea if you need an extra pair of hands but can’t quite afford this package. Go head – I’ve hired freelancers there before with great success!

But sometimes it’s about more than saving time. It’s about working with someone you trust, who knows the job inside-out and can do things you couldn’t, even with all the time in the world.

Four reasons this package is different to hiring a freelancer

  1. I know what I’m doing. I wrote these configurations and I’ve done them many times in different accounts, so your new setup is quick and reliable. The majority of my time in this package is not going towards “doing the setup”.
  2. You get a personalized Quick Reference handbook, that’s all about your shop and comes with suggestions & observations about your data. It’s a great complement to the GA for Etsy ebook and Artisan Analytics PRO resources.
  3. Every setup package now includes a one-on-one training call – worth $240 USD alone! In my experience, the best way to learn is via hands-on training, when you can ask any question and get an immediate answer, tailored just for you. I’ve included one-on-one time in every package to make sure you come out of this more prepared and with more knowledge than you went in.
  4. Get discounts on my GA for Etsy ebook (30% off) and Artisan Analytics PRO resource bundle ($162 off)! Access your discount codes inside your package materials or get the Artisan Analytics PRO discount right now with the combo option below ⇓
GA Setup for Etsy Package

Not ready to dive into the PRO resources? Don’t worry – you can access the same discount inside your package materials at any time.

(The standalone package will also give you a free account on this website, with access the free GA for Makers course. If you already have an account, login first.)

GA Setup for Etsy Package
+ Artisan Analytics PRO Bundle

Prepare to make the absolute most of your fresh, new data with access to my advanced Artisan Analytics PRO resources, locked in forever at this one-off price of only $66 USD extra.

(If you already have access to the free GA for Makers course, you will keep this access when you upgrade.)

If you are already an Artisan Analytics PRO member, make sure you are logged in to access your discounted Setup Package!