Do you learn best by doing?

I learn best by doing. I can read a hundred articles, watch hours of videos or plow through a 300 page book… but until I put my new knowledge into practice to solve a real problem, nothing really clicks.

You might feel the same way! You’ve read some of my articles, configured your account, maybe even bought my Google Analytics for Etsy ebook or an online guide.

But you still open your Google Analytics account and just think… what should I do, exactly?

Don’t worry: you haven’t failed! All the information you read is still “in there”, just waiting to be applied so it can embed itself in some neuron pathways.

Take a personalized 1 hour guided tour through your Google Analytics account

This is the ultimate, learn-by-doing, guided session.

You ask the questions you want to answer about your shop, and I tell you how to find the answers. Live.

Here’s how this works:

What you doWhat I do
Share your screen and navigate live through your Google Analytics reports.Help you get started with the screen sharing and guide you through every click.
Prepare 2 – 4 questions about your shop before our session.Guide you through the best reports and suggest further investigations or other ways to find answers.
Ask any other questions that come up along the way!Stay flexible to dive down whatever rabbit holes appear valuable, while keeping us on track if necessary.
Explain your shop goals and where your business is at, right now.Suggest what data to be focusing on to best suit your current goals.
Commit to using Google Analytics for 5 – 10 minutes each day, for at least 5 days after our session.Record our session (with your permission) so you can listen back on our conversation at your own pace and take notes.

Book your Google Analytics Guided Tour

Invest $120 (USD) in an hour of one-on-one consultation and guidance.