Do you have a map but no compass?

It’s easy to gather instructions and information, but struggle to apply them to your own shop. You know all the theory, all the stuff you should do, but when you look at your real live situation you think: where do I start?

This is even more common with something like digital analytics, where it’s easy to learn what to do but not why. You might even spend hours looking at reports only to come up for air, wondering what it was all for!

It’s like having a detailed map of a new territory – with every important rivulet and cliff marked – only to look around and discover you don’t even know which way is north.

You need someone to help you start walking in the right direction and to point out a few key landmarks. It might seem trivial, but a little bit of one-on-one discussion can completely clarify your whole understanding of this new landscape.

Extract maximum value from 1 hour of one-on-one time

Stop struggling to figure out how to apply your new knowledge to your shop: just ask the question.

In our conversation, we’ll talk about the goals, numbers and insights that matter most to your shop, so you can leave facing in the right direction.

Here’s how this works:

What you doWhat I do
Prepare 3 – 6 questions about your shop before our session: about your data, how to measure something, what goals to set etc.Give you my initial thoughts – based on my many years’ experience – and suggest further investigations or other ways to find answers.
Ask any other questions that come up along the way!Stay flexible to dive down whatever rabbit holes appear valuable, while keeping us on track if necessary.
Explain your shop goals and where your business is at, right now.Suggest what data to be focusing on to best suit your current goals.

With your permission, I’ll also record our session so you can listen back at your own pace to take notes.

All Projects Great & Small

“I had been working in Google Analytics for years but I had no idea what I was looking at or how to interpret the information. I was also tired of not really knowing if my marketing was working and if I was using the correct keywords.

Working with Lesley felt like working with a friend. I learned so much! She definitely has an advantage in running her own Etsy shop so she understands what we are going through. She’s incredibly talented in taking a very complicated technical topic and breaking it down into layman terms for those of us who have zero experience in digital data analysis.

I highly recommend Lesley to any Etsy shop owner who wants to concentrate on designing instead of guessing who they are marketing to and wasting money on fruitless advertising.

~ Genevieve

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