Photo of Lesley Hays
Just like you – I love creating.

Over the years, I’ve turned my hand to a whole range of fibre crafts (including an Etsy shop), and enjoy the creativity of cooking and gardening (especially combined!). When it comes to business, I love selecting gorgeous photography, laying out a beautiful page, and finding the perfect words. 

But I also turn my creativity to other things: spreadsheets, programming, data and strategic visions. In all of these, I can form something new and useful from not-so-exciting building blocks.

So I love the thrill of creating, but I also love the thrill of success.

Throughout a decade in digital marketing, web development & project management, I’ve been cultivating a healthy obsession with goals and outcomes. Because how else do you know when you’ve “made it”??

Couple that with a solid education in user behaviour and experience, and I’ve found myself irresistibly drawn towards my shop’s data. Uncovering it, improving it, understanding it and learning from it.

With well over one million Etsy shops in existence, I realised that I was far from the only one who had data and needed to make the most of it. So I set off on a journey of researching, testing and talking to other shop owners to start sharing all this knowledge!  I relish those moments when a shop owner gets a glimmer of magical insight or confirms with confidence something she’s always suspected.

Contact me directly on or find me on LinkedIn.

Working with me

I don’t currently offer one-on-one consultations or services.

With the era of Google Analytics 4 (GA4), I encourage creative business owners to begin exploring that tool. I cannot offer training or consultations around GA4, but I’ll continue collating additional resources and suggested providers.