Hit the ground running with a jam-packed 5 day course (it’s free!)

If you’ve set up Google Analytics, browsed some reports, and thought… “Now what?” – this course is for you.

We’ll walk through understanding the basics of “GA” and the most important steps to setting up your account (including some bonus tips just for Etsy).

Plus, you’ll learn the best ways to start analysing your numbers and make business decisions that matter!

Make better decisions

It’s easy, at your own pace, and designed to help Handmade Entrepreneurs like you, get your head around Google Analytics.

Lessons are organized in 5 easy groups but you get LIFETIME ACCESS for free, including updates! Woohoo!

What you get

This is a hands-on, practical course. You’ll dive into your own shop data and practice reading, understanding and making decisions from real reports. I’ve designed this course to give you top-to-bottom skills that you can apply to any Google Analytics report.

You’ll get access to all lessons immediately, but I recommend approaching them over at least 5 days. Don’t worry – I’ll send you reminders 🙂


Set up your Google Analytics Account correctly, so you’ll have the most accurate and useful data possible.


Data related to individual shop visitors. You’ll use the Geographic Location report to compare your visitors to your actual shipping options.


How do your visitors find your shop? You’ll analyze your best traffic sources and compare them to your real marketing efforts.


What pages and products do your visitors view? You’ll find out whether your best-selling products are also your most viewed – and what it means.


“Conversions” are sales and other actions you want your visitors to take on your shop. We’ll focus mainly on sales and revenue, and start understanding how a single sale can be the result of a whole customer journey over many visits to your shop.


Three bonus lessons, including a special “Define Your Success” worksheet.

Ready to start?

How to master Google Analytics for handmade shop owners.