New to Google Analytics or running a data-driven handmade shop?

Hit the ground running with a jam-packed 4 day course (it’s free!)

If you’ve set up Google Analytics, browsed some reports, and thought… “Now what?” – this course is for you.

We’ll walk through understanding the basics of “GA” and the most important steps to setting up your account (including some bonus tips just for Etsy).

Plus, you’ll learn the best ways to start analysing your numbers and make business decisions that matter!

Make better decisions

It’s easy, at your own pace, and designed to help Handmade Entrepreneurs like you, get your head around Google Analytics.

Lessons are released over 4 days but you get LIFETIME ACCESS for free, including updates! Woohoo!

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What you get

Day 1: Settle in & get ready

  1. Access the community that will answer your questions, share in your wins and support you through the course and beyond!
  2. Connect your shop to Google Analytics
  3. Start learning more about your visitor demographics
  4. [Etsy Extra] Etsy Shop Stats vs Google Analytics

Day 2: Find your way around Google Analytics

Get the hang of Analytics fast.

  1. Learn to use all the main parts, including the three most important report functions you’ll ever need!
  2. Explore my favourite reports.
  3. Keep your data neat & tidy with the right account setup and heavy duty spam filters.
  4. [Etsy Extras] Turn Google Analytics into a finely tuned Etsy-tracking-machine with three important tracking techniques.

Day 3: Define, track & celebrate your success

Decide what success looks like for your shop and why this is so important.

Day 4: Take action

We get analytical, but it stays easy. This is the good stuff!

  1. The two main approaches to analysis.
  2. The single best tool to discovering the real stories behind your numbers.
  3. Learn to recognise statistical traps without doing a single line of maths!
  4. How to know when you’ve discovered something important.
  5. Put your lab coat on and start writing a hypothesis!

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How to master Google Analytics for handmade shop owners.