Remove all the junk from your Etsy links before you share them!

Bonus: add your own campaign tags, too.

Are you sick of tediously removing the weird stuff at the end of your Etsy listing URLs before sharing them in social or putting them in an ad?

Do you share links to other people’s products, as an affiliate or in blog articles?

Worst of all… do you not tidy up Etsy links at all before you share them!?

This Chrome Extension will save you precious time and more-precious brain power

This free extension makes it easy to share clean links to Etsy shops and listings that won’t put the wrong acquisition data into your (or the shop owner’s) Google Analytics reports.

Permissions & privacy

This extension will stay free and simple, with minimal features and few permissions.

  • It does not talk to or send data to any external services or systems (including Google Analytics or my website). I can’t see what links you’re sharing.
  • It only reads the URL (address) of pages you visit on The extension uses this information to create a “shareable link” that you can copy-and-paste, but it doesn’t automatically send or save this link anywhere.
  • You can set certain options to make the extension easier/faster to use, such as your shop username and preferred UTM Medium. These options are only saved in your browser and/or your own Google account. I can’t see what options you save.

Get help or send feedback

During the Beta testing period, provide feedback, ask questions or request features by emailing

Other browsers

Interested but don’t use the Chrome Browser? I can also release this extension for Microsoft Edge and Firefox – please email me to tell me you’re interested at

Safari users: I won’t be able to provide a version for Safari, but I may be able to write a small “bookmarklet” that gives you a simple clean link, with no options or settings.