Updated January 2018: Almost everything in this article is still true today, even after Etsy overhauled their Shop Stats in 2017.

Reading and understanding the numbers around your shop’s traffic is super important. If you can do this, you can better understand where you should focus your marketing, what parts of your shop could be improved, and make sure you’re seeing real benefits from all your promoting efforts.

There are two sources for this information: Etsy’s built-in Shop Stats and Google Analytics (“Analytics” or just “GA”). They both have their pros and cons, so you’ll most likely continue to use both hand-in-hand to gauge your performance. But when should you use each one?

Three reasons to use Etsy Shop Stats:

The default Shop Stats are built by Etsy, for Etsy sellers. Even with the 2017 updates, the numbers you get are basic and very limited in how you can analyse them, but they are useful for three things:

1. Accurate traffic sources

By default, Google Analytics shows you how visitors got to Etsy as a whole, not just your shop. But it’s fixable!

In particular, Shop Stats gives you a really good breakdown of visitors arriving from somewhere else inside Etsy.

2. Showing sales & revenue

Nope, Etsy doesn’t send your sales over to Google Analytics 🙁 So if you want to see a nice graph of orders or revenue, or understand how much revenue you’ve made on Etsy paid listings, you need Shop Stats or the advertising managers inside Shop Manager.

3. Showing favourites you’ve received

Google Analytics doesn’t know when someone favourites your shop or item, either. So to see these, you need Shop Stats.

These are three of the most important things you need to know about your shop, and Google Analytics just can’t show you them. It’s not Analytics’s fault completely… Etsy could add some code to send this data to Google. But they don’t (yet).

It’s also important to be aware that even though Shop Stats will show you your orders, revenue and favourites, it doesn’t give you any context. You can’t find out where your sales or favourites come from (which marketing channel) or any information about these visitors.

Many reasons to use Google Analytics!

Analytics is great for… everything else! Like:

  • Separating out individual visits (especially buyers).
  • Tracking down the results of your marketing efforts, beyond just “visits”.
  • Seeing how long people stay in your store and view each product for, and how they move from item to item.
  • Seeing where they get stuck or decide to exit your store.
  • Where they’re from (often down to the City!) and sometimes demographics like age or gender.
  • Which search terms work the best (are you optimising for the right ones, even if you get lots of views from them?)

Most importantly, Google Analytics can connect all this information: Which product is viewed most by visitors from Pinterest in Canada?

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Excellent article. It would be great if you could elaborate more on how to understand the linkage of Google Analytics and Etys better. Trying to drill down into the Google Analytics and understand them would be great.


Hi Robin,

I have a bunch of Analytics-focused posts planned for this year and just recently posted my first one. Check it out if you get a minute! I’m going to start with some hands-on technical stuff to get your account set up properly then move to how to analyse the data once it’s cleaned up and accurate.

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