This article is about how to view and explore the Google Analytics backup for your Etsy shop’s historical Universal Analytics data (2023 and earlier). If you have not yet backed up your data, start here:

Make sure you complete your backup before 1 July 2024 or Google will delete your data!

Learn about backup options for other types of shops and websites.

No matter which method you use to backup your Etsy shop’s Universal Analytics data, you’re going to end up with a bunch of spreadsheets.

Which are… not super user-friendly for actually viewing, exploring and using all this data!

At a basic level, you can use the in-built chart tools in your spreadsheet program of choice. But I recommend using Google’s free dashboarding program, Looker Studio (previously called Data Studio).

If you export your data using my tailor-made UA backup tool for Etsy, I have built a Looker Studio dashboard to go with it. Here’s how to get it…

(Free mini-dashboard below)

The Google Analytics for Etsy Universal Analytics Backup Data Explorer

I am developing a comprehensive dashboard that will perfectly display the data I have selected for you to backup, covering 95% of the information that 95% of Etsy shops will need to know from their historical Google Analytics data. It will approximately follow the structure of my original “Google Analytics for Etsy” ebook, including the custom reports!

The full dashboard will be available for purchase at $18 USD.

You’ll be able to add the dashboard to explore your backup data at any time, even after 1 July! So if you haven’t completed the backup yet, make that your first priority.

The full Backup Data Explorer dashboard is under development! Get notified when it’s available.

Enter your email address to get an email when the Artisan Analytics Looker Studio Dashboard template is available for purchase, to use with the backups you create. I might also send you other email updates about the Universal Analytics backup tool or related services, but you can unsubscribe at any time.

Get a free preview mini-dashboard

If you’re not interested in the paid full dashboard or want to test out the idea, grab this one-pager for free to see an overview of your Traffic Acquisition data.

Quickstart Guide

  1. Make a copy of the PREVIEW version UA Backup Data Explorer dashboard.
  2. Update the data to your own UA backup
    • Go to Resource > Manage added data sources
    • Edit the existing sample data source and reconnect it to the “Monthly Acquisition Sessions” worksheet of your own UA backup Google Sheet. (Untick “Use first row as headers” and “Include hidden and filtered cells”!)
    • Click “Finish” to save and exit the data source manager.
  3. All the data on the page should refresh and show your own shop’s stats, then you’re done 🎉

1. Make a copy of the PREVIEW version UA Backup Data Explorer dashboard

In the top-right, open the […] menu > Make a copy

A pop-up will warn you that you don’t have access to the Original Data Source (that’s the little orange triangle ⚠️), but that’s OK as you’ll replace it with your data straight away.

Click [ Copy Report ] to continue

2. Update the data to your own UA backup

Important: you must have used my free Universal Analytics backup tool for Etsy for your backup data to “simply work” in this dashboard template! Follow the steps here if you have not used this tool yet.

Re-name the dashboard to include your shop name (for easy reference later)

Type directly into the dashboard name at the top-left of the screen.

Edit the sample data source

From the top menu, open Resource > Manage added data sources

Choose to “Edit” the existing data source

Choose your own Monthly Acquisition Sessions backup data

When you edit the data source, you will be taken to an area to connect the dashboard to Google Sheets. You’ll see the sample data sheet that’s connected to the template and be able to view & select other Google Sheets in your own account.

On the left, click “Owned By Me” to view your own Google Sheets.

If you’ve done the UA backup recently, you might see your copy at the top of this list. If not, you can search for it.

Find and select the Google Sheet containing your Etsy shop’s Universal Analytics backup data, then choose the “Monthly Acquisition Sessions” worksheet.

In the Options in the right column, untick “Use first row as headers” and “Include hidden and filtered cells”.

Update the data source

In the top-right, click [ RECONNECT ]

You’ll see a confirmation popup. It should say “Configuration changed” (you chose a different Google Sheet) and “No field changes” (all the fields are exactly the same as the template expects).

If both of these messages are there, click [ Apply ].

You can now close the Data sources list and return to the dashboard.

3. Check it has worked

If you now a) still see numbers on the dashboard (not a bunch of error messages) and b) they are different numbers to the template then you are DONE! Congratulations 🎉

Click [ View ] in the top-right to enjoy your dashboard at full size.

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