Understanding your audience as a whole and as real people is one of the most powerful things you can do to enhance your marketing. But lots of “target audiences” and “customer personas” are just made up!

This course will show you how to combine Google Analytics data with customer surveys and other information to build a real picture of your customer’s buying process, values and preferences: a data-driven customer persona!

What’s in this guide:

An introduction to customer personas

What a customer persona is and is NOT, and how we use them in our marketing to find real customers.

The four parts of a persona

More than demographics! (And maybe not demographics at all!) The four parts of the customer persona structure are focused on understanding how your buyers move through the purchase process, without alienating them with too many assumptions.

Three ways to do customer research

Listen to real customers (and potential customers) and learn what matters to them, in their own words.

Two ways to use analytics data

Follow my detailed instructions to use your analytics tools to discover why your visitors came to your shop. (Detailed spreadsheet worksheet included!)

Editable worksheet to record research & build actionable personas

This 10+ page worksheet will be a lot longer once you’ve finished recording all your research results and filling out your personas!

And yep, these are actionable personas. You won’t just print these out and wait for them to gather cobwebs, pinned to your office or craft room wall. Instead, you’ll decide how to use each part of every persona in your marketing practice.

Is this guide for you?

  • Are you spending a lot of time marketing your shop but don’t know who is listening?
  • Do you have over 20 reviews sitting in your shop but think they’re only good for convincing the next customer to buy?
  • Have you made up a customer person before but don’t know how to use it… or if this perfect customer even exists?

If you’re ready to build a detailed, practical and actionable customer persona – that’s based in reality, not fantasy – then this premium guide and worksheet is for you.

(And if you think something could be clearer or more detailed, just tell me! You’ll have continual access to all my updates and improvements.)

Included in Artisan Analytics PRO:

Data-Driven Customer Personas

What’s included:

  • Unlimited Access to the Data-Driven Customer Personas guide and template, including future updates.
  • A login to the Artisan Analytics website to access your resource at any time.
  • Automatic access to my free course: Google Analytics for Makers.
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Plus, everything else that comes with Artisan Analytics PRO for $70.00 USD!

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